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FAQ for the Pedigree Resource File

Pedigree Resource File

The Pedigree Resource File is a new lineage-linked pedigree file containing genealogical data. Like the well-known Ancestral File, it contains pedigrees and family group sheet data in electronic form.

Submiting to the Pedigree Resource File

The only way you can do it right now is to upload a GEDCOM, no matter how large or small, via the 'Preserve your Genealogy' page at the site. Be sure you have a stable connection, as they report about 25 percent of the uploads come up blank.

GEDCOMs for Pedigree Resource File with?

Just about all the major software programs, such as Ancestral Quest, PAF 3.1 or higher, Family Tree Maker, Family Origins and several others, can be used to create GEDCOMs that will upload to the file via the site.

CD Price

The price for each CD is $5 US. You cang et them one of several ways. First, you can go to and go to the 'Purchase Family History Resources' page where you can order them online. Call 800/537-5951 during business hours.


You need Windows 95/98/NT 4.0. At least 8 MB RAM but 16 MB is better, at least a 4x CD-ROM drive, a VGA monitor at least 256 colors w/video card, and 4 MB free space on your hard drive. There is no MAC version nor is one anticipated.

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